5 Tips To Save Money[2018]

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People always want to save money. But in practical some people only succeed in their planning. So let us learn to save money

Make Piggy Bank:

  • you can make DIY Piggy bank
  • Or you can buy from shop also
  • It is very useful to teach the kids to saving money
  • Need to put money on daily basis

Put some goal:


  • If you put some goal to save money you can save money early
  • Change goals every month
  • And one more thind, You should put achievable goal
  • If you are failed to acheive the goal there is a chance to get in negative side

Monitor the amount:

  • You can write down the amount on daily basis
  • So you can easily note which day is more to save
  • It will be a record of savings

Record the Expenses:

  • Need to record the expenses
  • You can calculate the spent as well
  • So we can know the things which will spent more

Monthly Budget:


  • You need to create monthly budget
  • Have to spent the money under budget
  • We can limit the spending with budget


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