5 Tips and Tricks to use Twitter[2018]

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Twitter is the top social media which is used by all the youngster and all the people. This is very popular in recent days.


Here we can see the tips to use twitter in best ways.

Use Hashtag:

  • If you create new post use with hashtags which is related to your niche
  • It will used to boost your reach to twitter
  • It will give popularity to your post

Short and Sweet:

  • Please make your post as short and sweet
  • You can write the post between 140 – 280 characters
  • Within 140 characters is best to perform

Use Images:

  • You need to use images in your post
  • But have to double check the position and size
  • There is some pixel defenision


  • In twitter we have to check the post before post
  • Spelling errors or wrong hashtag will affect the post
  • Don’t let your followers down by Tweeting without even checking

Use Links:


  • We can link our page with links
  • If you need particular links add ‘filter:links’ into your twitter
  • Add link in bio of twitter page


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