5 Tips to maintain smartphone updated[2018]

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Now most of the people using smartphones. Nowadays this is one of the necessary thing in our life. We can’t avoid to use smartphones.

smart phone

So maintain the smartphone is a big challange.Let us see the tips to maintain smartphones.

Put screen lock to the smartphone

  • If you lock your screen with some pattern, it will secure from unnecessary people open your secrets
  • No one can access your phone without your permission
  • Or you can use password for your screen lock
  • Don’t use pin code
  • And also use your fingerprint to unlock your screen

Handling Apps

  • Don’t install unnecessary apps
  • And also uninstall the unused apps
  • You can also secure your apps by locking apps
  • Be safe in installing apps

Don’t click the short links

  • Dont’t click the unwanted links through messages & Email
  • Don’t follow the short links
  • Be careful with those attachments

Back up your data

  • Always enable your back up data
  • Free your memory space regularly
  • Link your email and synchronize with your phone
  • upload your photos into photos app



  • Once you encrypt it, the phone will ask you to set a password to unlock it and decrypt the data on it
  • Always turn on the encryption


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