5 tips to prevent from facebook hacking by user review[2018]

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Facebook! This is one of the most used social media. The most youngsters addicted to this social media network.(Me too)…

But nowadays this is hacked by hackers. So we have to beware from the hackers. Let us see how to prevent from hacking.

5 tips to prevent from facebook hacking

Use complicate password

  • Use complicate password for your facebook account.
  • Because text only passwords can guess by hackers.
  • Use numeric and special characters for the complicated passwords.
  • The characters should be 8 to 12
  • It is impossible to remember your complicated password
  • So you can write it in the safety place
  • If you use regularly the passwords will be in your memory
  • So no need to write down

Have to change the password at regular interval

  • For our security reasons we have to change the password at regular interval
  • Because if you didn’t changed the password it will be guessed by hackers
  • Change the password at monthly basis or weekly basis
  • Weekly changing password will be better

Accept only known person

  • You will receive more friend request
  • But you have to accept only known person
  • Because the unknown person will trouble you after accept the friend request
  • We can’t guess who is good or bad
  • So choose your friend intelligently

Don’t click unknown links

5 tips to prevent from facebook hacking

  • The marketing people send unknown links to your profile
  • Don’t click that link.
  • It follows to some advertising page
  • That link contains spammy contents
  • So don’ click the link blindly
  • Spammy contents can crawl your profile information

Don’t click email ad

  • All email marketing people try to send email to your id
  • Don’t click the links in the email
  • Facebook never asked you to verify your personal details
  • so don’t trust any facebook email


If you follow this instruction you will be safe to use facebook. If you need aquaguard toll free number chennai call this number 9940492121

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