Disadvantages Of Using Cellphones

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Mobile phones these days have become an inseparable part of our lives. They bring about a high degree of convenience and comfort to us. But the disadvantages of mobile phones should also be given some thought before declaring what a complete boon they are. They have negative impacts on a variety of fronts. Although they influence our lives greatly, the disadvantages of mobile phones are no longer insignificant to the extent that we can ignore them. Some of the major disadvantages are listed as follows.

cell phone

1. Children play games for more time. This will hamper their studies.

2. People have become addicted to use social network sites/apps such as facebook, twitter and whatsapp for longer duration. Because of this they do not have time to spend with their families.

3. Mobile phone uses microwave frequency for its operation. Mobile phone radiation affects the some of the parts of human body such as brain, heart, fertility organs etc. In order to avoid this, the radiation limit of mobile phone radiation should be kept as per limit specified by FCC. Mobile phone radiation can also affect pre-adolescent children and pregnant women.

4. Use of mobile phones while driving leads to accidents. Hence mobile phones should not be used while driving. If it is very much essential to take calls while driving, then wireless headphones can be used.

5. If mobile phone is stolen then it may lead to privacy leak. It is desired not to store any critical data on the mobile phone such as credit/debit card passwords, banking passwords etc. Also prefer not be click on the options such as “save the data for future transactions” etc.

6. Watching a mobile screen for hours, all day, every day, can lead to a weak eye-sight. If you are one such person, try to give your eyes a break and they will thank you. Try to look at least 20 meters away for a few minutes after every 10 or 15 minutes. Also, try exercising your eyes.

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7. Distracted Drivers and Pedestrians Use Mobile Phones and Cause Accidents

8. The Blue Light from Mobile Phones Can Cause Sleeplessness or Insomnia.

9. Constant overuse of cell phones can cause repetitive strain injury (RSI) to the users’ hands. RSI is not something that can go away on its own, unless the user is will to change their habits. I also know someone who’s damaged their thumb due to overuse of a mobile phone.

10. Time Wasting is One if the Biggest Disadvantages of Mobile Phones.


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